Saucy C. Mc.Fuzzy the Chimera is feeling Amused
Artist Type: Digital Artist


Name: Saucy/Muyu
Age: 26
Gender: None
Orientation: Pan
Status: Owner of a cute girlfriend

I'm a chimera, more specifically a byorchir, which is an original species.

Some times I take commissions!



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Go here for all commissions info and to send in requests! {} As in.. Regular commissions! For the first time in I have NO idea how long! Traditional is NOT AVAILABLE ATM!!! I will try to be able to take traditional art commissions soon, but I'm not ready for th...
9 months ago

Commissions Open

Info: {} Taking 10 of them! Includes picture updates (rough sketch, clean sketch, finished) OR wing-it option also available for coloured sketches. Price is $30 for one character, full body. This pric...
27/02/2016 18:00


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Male · Hexefoxen · Pansexual ·
Role-playing No
A cute male hexefoxen with an affinity with aphrodisiac magic.
9 months ago


Nonbinary · Byochir · Pansexual · Aquarius
Role-playing No
11/11/2015 18:30


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Species: Winged Cat
Artist Type: digital artist
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Species: dragon
Artist Type: pron artist
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Blaze-Storm posted to Saucy C. Mc.Fuzzy

25/03/2016 11:27

Awesome artworks:)

Saucy C. Mc.Fuzzy · 25/03/2016 17:43 · 1 Reply

Thanks a lot!

Blaze-Storm · 25/03/2016 17:47

Your welcome :D

Neonpossum posted to Saucy C. Mc.Fuzzy

21/08/2015 21:28

Helloooooo uwu 

DerpyDoo posted to Saucy C. Mc.Fuzzy

18/08/2015 17:07

 This place reminds me of facebook... kinda fun so far hehehe

ZekromLover posted to Saucy C. Mc.Fuzzy

18/08/2015 09:32

 You bring me from IB... This site looks nice, has a lot of potential. Thank you so much.^^

Signas posted to Saucy C. Mc.Fuzzy

18/08/2015 04:40

Perhaps I, too, will get used to it. 

Signas posted to Saucy C. Mc.Fuzzy

18/08/2015 04:40

Perhaps I, too, will get used to it. 

Thought I would give this place a try because why not (plus an other well known site is going to .. feces... lately.) 

Saucy C. Mc.Fuzzy · 23/08/2015 01:12

this is a test comment