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*NEW* Commission Types

Now available!!! Rough Sketchers: {} Toned Lineart: {} Telegram Stickers: http://notr...
2 months ago

Commissions are currently open!!!

Please visit this page -> {} <- for info!
3 months ago

Commissions are open!

Check out this page for info! {}
8 months ago
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I'm re-building how I want to make art, seeing as I have not been enjoying working on it at all for a while, and I need more samples, so I'll be taking today as an opportunity to make discounts! The discount applies to FULL BODY only! Coloured Sketches {
8 months ago
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Thank u furiffic

Even if you're small, the way you actually care about your artists makes my heart float. Hopefully, if I keep forcingconvincing people to join, it'll get bigger and people will be able to move from those other places that allow art theft {}. Honestly, if y...
02/07/2017 07:17


Go here for all commissions info and to send in requests! {} As in.. Regular commissions! For the first time in I have NO idea how long! Traditional is NOT AVAILABLE ATM!!! I will try to be able to take traditional art commissions soon, but I'm not ready for th...
01/07/2016 09:11

Commissions Open

Info: {} Taking 10 of them! Includes picture updates (rough sketch, clean sketch, finished) OR wing-it option also available for coloured sketches. Price is $30 for one character, full body. This pric...
27/02/2016 18:00


All prices have been lowered, and the monthly commissions removed. AND Paypal is now accepted as payment option! You can now get early access for $1, high res pictures for $2, and PSDs for $10! There will be monthly contests, though! They will be very easy and accessible to everyone, and will ra...
25/11/2015 21:27

Commissions Closed!

For 24 hours!! The site has been fully updated, and a few changes have been made, so please take a look! Here is the link to the site, it is a nice link. {} For the limited options (rough sketches and sketches), it'll be first come first serve, ...
01/10/2015 14:51

Wing it slots available!

Info here -> {} It IS ok to reserve a slot on here! No need for a FA account.
11/09/2015 20:17
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[Interest Check]Iron Artist Challenge

THIS JOURNAL IS NOT TO TAKE SLOTS, BUT TO DO AN INTEREST CHECK For people who don't know what an Iron Artist Challenge is, click this link. It would be a wing it thing, shaded type. $50 per character, which means two characters would be $100. AND 8) it would be a daily thing!!! W...
21/08/2015 23:13

At parents' for a few days...

Which means I'll need clean stuff to draw! I'll be taking a limit of 10 coloured rough sketches, "cartoony" style! Samples
20/08/2015 15:40
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Hello new place!

I was linked to this place a while ago, but the blocky layout kinda made a "meh" impression me. BUT, today, I decided to give it a try, and already I'm impressed by the gallery system and the upload thinger. So yes I feel like I'm gonna be enjoying this place.
17/08/2015 18:11