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fyirri posted to Scarlet

13/04/2016 08:07

thank ye kindly for the follow ^^

KontonAkuma posted to Scarlet

04/02/2016 15:41

Thanks for following~♥

Scarlet · 04/02/2016 23:43

You're very welcome! ♥

Teo Itasu posted to Scarlet

31/01/2016 18:14

So I am still stalking you! *Glomps his aunty*

Scarlet · 31/01/2016 20:44

Whoooo! All the creepins!

Scarlet posted

03/01/2016 04:34

Yay new social media thingy! I'll be uploading art here soon I suppose! Most of my personal work is jewelry but I'm also expanding my skills into digital artwork. I have a bit of experience with traditional although it's somewhat out of touch.~ This year I plan on improving all aspects of my art.