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Ashley Werecow is a hybrid of a goat, cow, rat. She if very vulgar, loud, gluttonous and disgusting. She loves to eat almost every including meat, she drinks a lot and loves to have sex with pain and pleasure. She adores being fat because she loves to empty her bowel movements and vomit for her amusement and sexual fetish, when she's not being disgusting and vulgar she sits down and write dark and gruesome poetry about her hatred and her love of her body fluids, listening to some black metal, death metal, and doom metal for her entertainment as well as rapidly playing her guitar and destroying stuff and causes mayhem to the public with her rampage.

At her young age she was adopted by Californians from the Norway Orphanage with her sister Rita. She grew up being bullied in school till she became a bully back and being expelled from school over and over again. As she became an adult she's been in jail for assault, defecating on public property, vandalism, and arson. later she has been exile over using the California flag as her towel grinding between her legs to be explicit, she then gets exile from Nevada for violently beating up a casino owner, stealing money, breaking expensive things in a casino and beating up and try to molest a bouncer, and she gets exile from Texas for urinating on the Alamo. She now lives in Lillihammer, Norway just for the sake that she knew that she was born there to begin with.

She has an alterego named Ashteroth that she uses to explain her violent and vulgar behavior.

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She is a polygamous and highly sexual with her friends, she likes her belly extended as she shows it off through her torn black clothes and loves to belly dance. She loves to go to concerts of her favorite bands and become groupie for them. She starts fire to places that she hates and she enjoys drinking with by herself and her friends. She loves her body and goes out in nude as she plays her guitar to play her favorite songs from her favorite band or creates her song out of her hatred and love for being disgusting.

She loves to study about torture and just loves to torture rather sexually or just having fun.


6 Meters · 19 Feet, 8.22 Inches


350Kg · 55 Stone, 1.61 Pound

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Echolocation · 23/01/2016 04:03 · 2 Replies

Would you like to roleplay sometime?

Scramblez_Skunk · 23/01/2016 19:55

Yeah I would like to roleplay.

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Scramblez_Skunk · 23/01/2016 20:40

Would you like to use this character for Roleplaying?

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Scramblez_Skunk · 23/01/2016 21:13

Yay lets RP then.

Scramblez_Skunk · 23/01/2016 21:48

When do you want to RP? and how to RP in this site?

Echolocation · 23/01/2016 22:08 · 1 Reply

I'm pretty new here I just joined yesterday so I have no idea

Scramblez_Skunk · 25/01/2016 02:00

Yeah the same here as well, I just signed in here couple days ago.

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I think we can find a chat room to RP with Ashley Werecow.

Echolocation · 26/01/2016 11:32


She has dyed red hair on her bangs with long natural black hair over her goat horns. She has a large belly with a belly button piercing and a tattoo of a butterfly in the crack of her butt beneath her rat tail.

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  • Created: 16/01/2016 22:27
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Shes a switch in bed, she likes ritual sex, water sports, and anything that is gross, dark and vulgar.