Scramblez_Skunk the Skunk is feeling Horny
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Scrambles lives in Texas alone with his room mate Fatty Poofballs the tuxedo cat. Scrambles is eccentric and smart weirdo that just enjoys sitting down, drinking large amounts of sodas and energy drinks, and draw comics and characters stuff on his sketch pad that he continues to buy over and over again. Few other times he goes to conventions just to buy his favorite hentai comics and other stuff that he likes to build his collections and then goes back to sitting in random places and draws again.

He's obsessed with drawing so much that it's mostly his life doing, although there is other things he does in life like going out at night, joining in event, or just going in the rave nightclub and study ancient history Scrambles is just mostly enjoys being alone and draw where ever he goes to sit without any worries of consequences on where he sits.

Only one thing that changed Scrambles mostly is his girlfriend Shelby (Panda/Skunk) that spotted him drawing constantly outside of the University campus. Scrambles has hard time communicating with others that in unknown to him, he takes few times to get to know a person by talking a little, then just waits till several weeks later to have full trust on someone to have good communicating skills with other furries. It took several months to a year to get a full communication with his girlfriend for the first time.

Scrambles gets hurt a lot through traffic accidents and random stuff that can actually hurt or kill him, however he mostly survived through them. Scrambles only problem that he has to faced a lot is that he is sensitive around any certain noises that bothers him rather its light as a pin dropping or loud as a drum he gets angry and just shout out words to others that makes those natural noises.

The only thing that gets him to calm down more often is just being by himself and with his girlfriend on his side to play with him and get him to explore new things with her that changes his life around too many.




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He's a student is a small college for certificate degree in Multimedia.


6.3 Meters · 20 Feet, 8.03 Inches


260Kg · 40 Stone, 13.2 Pound

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