Scramblez_Skunk the Skunk is feeling Horny
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Ephemera is Scrambles siblings. (Brother2Sister) Who is a pre-op transvestite. Ephemera is a domme to her partner and has plenty of money to buy a dungeon underneath her bedroom. She lives with her submissive but hunky boyfriend that is a dog, serving her with cocktails and sex. Ephemera love for money got her to invest many of company's as she can as well as scheming for money, even selling her own body for horny guys to get more money. When Ephemera is not collecting money, she goes for multimedia purposes to create pop art for advertisement to do her sex business or her own public business that she owns in world market.

After her success in making money she visit her brother most of the time to annoy him and sometimes give him helpful advise into pleasing his girlfriend and share him some money for generosity.

She goes to rave parties a lot with her boyfriend that wants to own a nightclub to serve customers as a topless bartender.

Favourite Color


Constantly works in multimedia/designer

Business partner for: Corporate Industries, Super Markets, and Malls

Owner for: Ephemera Design Co.


6 Meters · 19 Feet, 8.22 Inches


300Kg · 47 Stone, 3.38 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type


Extra Attributes

She has tattoo of transgender symbol on her right butt cheek.

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Ephemera is a MtF Domme that likes spanking genitals and earns money. If you turn on her she gets aggressive. If you obey her she'll give you something good.

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  • Created: 25/01/2016 04:28


Open to role-playing

Rp preferences

Domme, loves delivering spankings and receiving penetration and gifts.