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Artist Type: Digital Artist

Chelsea Dingo is a dingo from California. She was born in San Francisco, California with her hippie family. Chelsea is wealthy, smart, and very artistic in her personality. She goes to university to study about the history of art to become more famous artist and passionate woman. She hangs out in her studio across her studio apartment painting, sculpting, and doing more artwork while drinking red wine and reading her novels while trying to make more money for herself. Her passion of art is very strong and she adores the purity of art and music. Whenever she spotted a flaw in art and music she immediately tell it off without any fear of shame.

She has some friends that adores her work and charity to society that they hang out with her at coffee houses, hotels, and clubs just to spend some time with her and hopefully get to the base with her. Chelsea Dingo believes that love has no bounds when it comes to partnership, there is nothing to be a shame of having multiple friends that wants to her to be theirs, however she wants to get to know a furry as friends before she plays with them.

Chelsea is not always a steady furry, she loves to have fun and gets out to explore more nature, and plays music and games. But she always likes to be calm as well.


Favourite Color


Co-Worker in Business Designs Incorporation

Traditional Artist

Film Maker and Video Editor

Make Up Artist


Fashion Designer

Extra Details

She is a beatnik and every interested in high society and university.

She adores art, music, sculptures and history


5.8 Meters · 19 Feet, 0.34 Inches


180Kg · 28 Stone, 4.83 Pound

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Chelsea Dingo lives in California. She loves to paint and write novels and poetry. She drinks wine and eats sushi, fruits, and cheese. She is wealthy and like classical high society.

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  • 53


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Open to role-playing

Rp preferences

If you want to have fun in bed with her, she has freedom to for casual sex, if BDSM play she is dominant. However, before she ever want to perform sex towards you, she must get to know you first, paint a portrait of you in a renaissance artistic way by oil painting and then she would take you in bed with her for sex, red wine and cheese.