Pannec the Fennec fox is feeling Anxious
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I'M FINALLY GETTING TO MODEL AGAIN AFTER A REALLLY LONG FRIGGIN TIME AND ANYONE IN THE AREA CAN COME IN AND DRAW ME FOR REALLY CHEAP~! It'll really help support the art gallery and also myself since I get 40% of the door charge and all of the tips if I receive any, and I'd be ever so charmed to s...
24/08/2015 03:56


Aside from the obvious reason of that I like to draw what more ideal to me, and also be able to draw my own body correctly, I also just wanna broaden my horizon in body types. As much as I used to be able to draw different types of women's body types fairly well, I can't seem to nowadays without ...
18/08/2015 06:00

Streaming Threesome YCH! [offline]

NSFW WARNING!! ONLY CLICK LINK IF YOU ARE 18+! join me if you like! I like to chat when I draw! > u< I'll change the title to say "" once I'm no longer streaming~ :3c
15/08/2015 07:53


MY GUTS ARE KILLING ME and I really wanna doodle some adopts that won't just be left ignored, so I wanna do some super cheap gachabon adopts! Basically you'll pick the colour palette and the species (one of my many species or anything else at all really, including your own if you have any), and t...
02/08/2015 18:21


It turns out it's not Strep, so idk what's going on with my body, even the doc was stumped as to why my throat is so dry, irritated, and why I'm having such bad coughing fits. I got some different versions of the meds I got last time, so I'm hoping it'll just go away soon, cause this is getting r...
31/07/2015 04:08

Anyone ever had these weird dreams?

A dream that somehow has more impact on you than others, which has a certain smell throughout it that you've never thought you've smelled before, and now whenever you smell a similar smell it gives you a flashback of that dream? Possibly even having dreams with similar things within it that link ...
29/07/2015 05:33
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Hello Furiffic~!

SO this is my first day here, and I figured I should say hi~ This is Seiokou from FA {} and DA {/Seiokou/journals/}(barely active) if you feel like watching me there aswell. I'm hoping to become active on here aswell, though it may tak...
24/07/2015 15:00