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I've been wanting to do some fluffy-tailed Manticores for AGES now, and I kept putting them off for one thing or another, so I recently started on these inbetween other owed arts. The third one's stinger has really short fuzz on it, which is why it's not shiny like the other two. :3c


(1) Fruity Devil - $20 [TAKEN] NorthWestSpiritWolf@FA
(2) Honey Sakura - [KEEPING] 
(3)&(4) Dirty Pair - $16 [OPEN] PRICE REDUCED ((COMES WITH A TWIN/ALT, can be another character, twin/sibling/clone/etc to the other, or can be an alt colour version of the other for whatever, seasonal/magic transformation/super saiyan/etc.))
(5) CYOP(Choose your Own Palette) - $10 [OPEN] PRICE REDUCED

art/design/edits © Seiokou/Amber Marie Young

base © [url=https://www.furaffinity.net/user/suoh.]https://www.furaffinity.net/user/suoh.[/color][/color][/url]

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