Seregir Draike the Dragon is feeling Blah
Artist Type: Photographer

Hello, my name is Seregir

I am an maned ice dragon

I am a male, straight/bi-curious

I mostly practice my bi-curiosity over the internet

I am 27 years of age

I live in the southern part of California

I love to meet new people so feel free to message me

I also am a fan of RP so don't be shy to ask


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14/08/2016 18:43


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Species: mouse
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Species: Cirk Marble Dragon
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CatInYourCloset posted to Seregir Draike

19/08/2016 13:01

Thanks so much for the sub! :D ♥ 

Seregir Draike · 19/08/2016 19:07

You're welcome ^^

Seregir Draike · 19/08/2016 19:07 · 1 Reply

Love your art

CatInYourCloset · 20/08/2016 19:29

Thank you! nwn 

Duo Theus posted to Seregir Draike

17/08/2016 03:49

Thanks for the subscription mate!

Seregir Draike · 17/08/2016 06:31

You're quite welcome ^w^