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Hello there Internetdweller. Nice of you to drop by my little corner of the webb. Feel free to look around. I do my own art but there's also a bunch of comissions under scraps. If you wanna fav those, I'd rather do it with the original artist that deserves the cred for it. ^^

Not making much fuzz about my presence here, just wanted my old nick secured and have an account to watch various artists with and post what little artistic material I manage to produce. I am very overworked and thus very slow so do not expect the fastest response from me.

A few things to sum this collie up then:

Nerd, mac user, Adobe Illustrator user, amature keboardplayer, cheapskate, does not drink alcohol, huge fan of Tangerine Dream and Schiller, workaholic, reclusive in real life, meditates, dislikes todays stressed up world, makes music time to time in Logic and FL studio, likes history, coca-cola addict, I'm living in the rainiest city in Sweden, Borås.


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2019 update

Okay so this year is almost over. Moving into 2019, first of all the process of replacing my antiquated PC and Mac Pro isn't that far off from being done. Been gradually getting parts for a while and as for the Mac there's no replacement mac at all. It just isn't worth the high price anymore. I w...
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