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Howdy! Name's Seth!
★ ☆ Genderfluid | Wusky | 20 | Demisexual | Geek | Taken | UK ☆ ★
Pleased to meet ya! ^_^

Me & my Dragon ❤
- 28/04/14 -

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If you have ever received ANY gift art/commission work from me I don't mind you posting it onto your account but PLEASE LINK BACK to the ORIGINAL POST! Otherwise I shall class this as theft of my work.

Human Info: Hey there, you can call me D, Seth (or my real name if you know me in person- but please don't advertise it online). I enjoy spending time with my buddies, both Furry and 'human', I also enjoy drawing in my spare time and stuff, not much else to say. I find it very difficult to converse or be in social situations, due to my Aspergers I'm not very comfortable (or good) with social situations as it is, however, I try my best to be friendly and polite when meeting new people, I may get very shy when speaking in large groups or being around people I am not very familiar with, but I shall always be there for a buddy! :3



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