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☕ Hey there, welcome to my profile~

I'm Raz...or Razzy...thanks. I've been an artist since I could hold a pencil, and I've been a member of the furry fandom since 2005. So, somewhere around 12 years or so now.

☕ Moving on, some things in my gallery MAY be triggering to younger audiences or those easily bothered by darker subject matters. There is also the possibility that nsfw imagery may be posted here as well - this counts as your warning to keep your settings so you'll not see those things from me if you're one to be uncomfortable about such matters.

☕ Fandoms I'm in include: Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Fallout (if video game fandoms count), Sonic, Attack on Titan, Okami, Pokemon, Digimon, and many others.

☕ Disclaimer: All artwork and characters depicted within this gallery or others under my distinct ownership are, unless otherwise stated within image descriptions, copyright to myself (Pupkaboo of Deviantart, Raz/Seven of Furrific, SevensSanctum of Tumblr, Seven- of, Sevens_Sanctum of Twitter, and OnyxLuma of Furaffinity). You are under no authorization to use any work of art nor character on display for any use what so ever without gaining my prior written and or verbal consent.


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Artist Type: digital artist
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