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This is an entry for a character redesign contest done in Deviantart :) if you want to participate check it out: http://fav.me/da1x46u

Just for the name and with the description giving I imagine her as a mix between Harley Quinn and a Harajuku girl
I picture her in the middle of a trouble and just don't giving a f0ck about it hahaha

As for the species I know hyenas are not exactly popular, but personally I like them!
Part feline, part canine, they have the strongest bite, they scare the lions and cheetahs away, they're individualist but like to spend time in a pack, they're nocturnal and have a howling that scare the living soul out of yourself if you heard it at night.scared....

And also this is my first anthro painting with a background!
I usually just do simple gradient backgrounds because I do environments in my day job.
And after all day between lights, textures and props, when I get home I'm not really wishing to do more of that hehe
But a really simple one like this is fine once in a while :D

Candy Babe belongs to http://x-soniatyler-x.deviantart.com/
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