Sevenamrs the Cow is feeling Anxious
Artist Type: Digital Artist

I like strong topics, so be warned, it is not my intention to offend anyone. 
That being said I hope you like my work and feel free to tell me your opinion! 

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Artist Type: digital artist
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Sp00nzie posted to Sevenamrs

10/10/2017 10:33

haaai 7A!


fire crescent posted to Sevenamrs

10/09/2017 20:11

seems like you really like nsfw art , I love it;)

Sevenamrs · 12/09/2017 00:41

Thank you so much! :) Sorry for the late responses, I'm more used to wander in FA or instagram :)

fire crescent · 12/09/2017 00:50

its perfectly fine :) unfortunately I don't have either of those

fire crescent posted to Sevenamrs

08/09/2017 02:10

hallo tis I the non artistic wolf! I wander around to random artist pages trying to make artist friends . I hope you are doing well :)

Sevenamrs · 08/09/2017 23:40

Hi, hope you are well too :)

fire crescent · 08/09/2017 23:58

im actually doing okay :) a little hungry but okay :P -boops your nose -

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