One time, I was saw an ad to leave a kid at someones house so they could practice taking care of a baby. I decided to register.

They first practiced dressing the baby. They took off my pants and shirt, then came a onesie. I hate onesies. Although I had made the decision, so I had to commit to it. The baby food wasnt bad. Luckily Im part Yoshi. Baby Yoshis can eat almost anything. After a few hours, they thought I might need a change. The onesie had a flap around the diaper area. They only had to unbutton the flap. It seems that Id stunk up my diapers. Not that I had a way to talk. They put a pacifier in my mouth. They lifted me up by the tush and the back of my head. They carried me over to the changing table, and strapped me down. The onesie flap was unbuttoned, and the diaper was next. Unfortunately, they were a little bit too late. The first rule of raising a baby is to check the diaper every few minutes. There was a bright red rash. Thankfully, when they got ready to practice raising a baby, they got rash cream. The wipes were a bit cold though. The worst part though, was the dry diaper. It was a baby diaper, and now its a bit too tight. I was expecting a call from Rojo, but I left my phone in my shirt. Although I expected that, so I told Rojo to hang up unless I answered, then to switch to the phone number for the home, and ask if they would tell me what he said. At the end of the day, I got to go home.

I pity the baby theyre expecting.
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The story of when I helped a family practice raising a baby. Just for the record, I mainly did it for free “dipee” changes

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