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This is Hijack! He's what I call a 'Harefooter'

Harefooters are a species of dragon that I made a few years back.  They're basically big balls of love, and are basically giant, overly-fluffed bunnies with wings. By nature they are very caring and gentle with other creatures, but will scurry at the first sign of danger. They can't fly very fast, but they can outrun almost anything.

Floyd Filly · 11/12/2016 20:56

Harefooters are cute!

Floyd Filly · 11/12/2016 20:57 · 1 Reply

Hey, is this a closed species??

Shaebertooth · 12/12/2016 06:20

I welcome anyone to make their own Harefooter, to be honest! I'd love to see people make their own!!

The only similarity that Harefooters share with one another is the red gem at the base of their neck. When they're hatchlings, the 'jewel' is actually a very soft sac of nutrients that it feeds from, until the baby dragon's teeth grow in stronger. When it's no longer being fed from, the sac will crystallize and harden to make that gem on their neck. The gem is always red.

Other than that, Harefooters can have any colour or design to their fur and wings, just like dogs and cats.

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