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Hello world!

I'm a shy thing who loves to draw animals and crazy stuff, but also to meet new people. Feel free to chat with me! I don't (usually) bite.

~Some boring stuff about me~

♥ Languages I speak ♥

• Italiano

• English

 • Français

 ♦ Pansexual  Genderfluid ♦ cusp of ♉  Taken ♦
Every pronoun is fine, females are preferred for habit.


Requests: Nah
Trades and collabs: Open! Note me!*
*equal art level as mine is preferred.
Commissions: closed

My interests: art, animation, animals, fantasy stuff, food, occultism, philosophy.
Shows I love: Supernatural, Scrubs, Evangelion, Soul Eater.
Videogames I like: Animal Crossing, Pokémon, FNaF, Outlast, Deadspace, Borderlands, Don't Starve, Elsword.
Dislike: cheese, vegans, american pizza, bigots.

• English is not my main language, I'm sorry for any mistake and misinterpretation. Please, be patient with me and reduce the use of slang/rhetoric because really, it's difficult for me to understand.

• I'm shy, but I like to chat. I'm really sorry if sometimes I might look weird, it's just because of shyness.


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Getting used to this website

I'm posting some old stuff from my furaffinity account. I really like this website, it's all so organized! Let's hope that more people would discover Furiffic as well ♥
08/09/2015 19:57


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Silenthowl posted to Kay

07/09/2015 21:36

Ommioddio, non ci credo. Sei tu! D:

Kay · 08/09/2015 13:00

No, non sono io ò^ò

Silenthowl · 09/09/2015 14:53

Anyway sei diventata bravissima *^*

Kay posted

05/09/2015 14:21

Hello world!
I'm glad there is finally some new furry website!

Time to get used to it.