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Closing Comms For The Rest of the Week

Closing commissions for the rest of the week, gonna finish out these last two that I owe, take a little time to myself, and reopen next week with some reworked prices
04/09/2019 03:23

Streaming! 18+, Commissions open! {} Commission info in the stream, feel free to whisper for any questions.
24/06/2018 06:36


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Role-playing No
27/06/2018 07:24

Shawn Lee Guku

Role-playing No
27/05/2018 21:55


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Space Cat

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ALhedgehog posted to ShawnGuku

24/05/2018 09:36

Welcome you silly punk! Thanks for subscribing!

Zapher posted to ShawnGuku

24/05/2018 09:25

Thank you!

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