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Hi and welcome to my page! I have been drawing and painting for about 40 years (since I was about 12)! My art is influenced by Disney, anime, and Art deco. I also have an interest in drawing characters in historical costume and a big interest in music history! Don't forget to visit me at my YouTube channel


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BobGrayWolf posted to Foxy Flapper

3 days ago

Thanks for faving my sketch. 馃檪

Foxy Flapper3 days ago

You're welcome-thank you too!

BobGrayWolf posted to Foxy Flapper

4 months ago

Thanks for the favorite. Have a good week.

Foxy Flapper4 months ago

Thanks! You too!

Pawzzhky posted to Foxy Flapper

5 months ago

Hey thanks for your fave ^w^/

Foxy Flapper5 months ago

You're welcome!

BobGrayWolf posted to Foxy Flapper

7 months ago

Thanks for reading and fave my comic.

Foxy Flapper7 months ago

You're welcome-thank you for the faves too!

BobGrayWolf posted to Foxy Flapper

15/06/2019 14:40

Thanks for the faves. Have a good weekend.

Foxy Flapper16/06/2019 00:03

Thank you too!

BobGrayWolf posted to Foxy Flapper

07/02/2019 23:23

Thanks for faving my art! Have nice days!

Foxy Flapper08/02/2019 00:40

You're welcome-thank you as well!

Respekosmilus posted to Foxy Flapper

21/01/2019 03:16

I love you, you rock!

Foxy Flapper21/01/2019 14:19

Aww thank you! And thanks for the fave!

Ylveerax posted to Foxy Flapper

19/01/2018 02:08

Hey, thank you for the favorites! Your art is all so wonderful!

Foxy Flapper19/01/2018 16:25

You're welcome-and thank you!

jax_cottontail posted to Foxy Flapper

01/04/2017 17:34

Thanks for the fave. I really appreciate it!

Foxy Flapper02/04/2017 00:55

You're welcome!

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24/02/2017 14:22

Hey, thanks so much for the favorite!

Foxy Flapper24/02/2017 17:23

You're always welcome!

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09/02/2017 17:01

Thank's for the Fave!

Ylveerax posted to Foxy Flapper

15/12/2016 16:39

Thank you for the favorite! 

Foxy Flapper16/12/2016 00:59

You're welcome!

Ylveerax posted to Foxy Flapper

13/12/2016 18:27

I had no idea you got a Furiffic! Im happy to see you on here! 

Foxy Flapper13/12/2016 23:391 Reply

Thank you! I'm glad To find out you're here too!

Ylveerax13/12/2016 23:53

Yeah, I got one of these rather recently, I love the community here.

lupeyroo posted to Foxy Flapper

17/11/2016 12:29

Your art is so unique! I love the vintage feel to it!! Very inspiring :)

Foxy Flapper17/11/2016 14:33

Thank you!