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I am Knox, or Jay (Real name). As you can see in my quick info, I am a traditional artist! I mostly do sketches though, because I do not have the right coloring shit. When I get the money, I will be sure to get the right equipment for traditional art, and digital art as well! Now, I know that my art is shitty, but please, don't criticize. But any who, do enjoy my account!


I prefer to be pronounced as a male, please not as a female, because  lady parts are just fucking weird as hell.

Sexual Orientation:

I think as myself gay I guess, cause I mostly like guys??

Date of Birth:

2002, November 9

History Shit:

Okay, so, when I was six years old, I was at a family reunion with my mom, and I was playing tag with some cousins and uncles and such. I was the only one who didn't wear shoes during the time while playing and such. So when everyone went to take a break, I walked away from the group, and went by some fire pits. I was just roaming around them, mostly looking inside of them and thought "I should step into one!", because I thought that they were all.. Done, and not full of heat I guess? So, I stepped into one, but it was freshly burnt out, and I had gotten a second degree burn on my right foot. My uncle had rushed me to a hospital with my mom while I cried in his truck the entire way, my lips were blue, my cheeks and eyes were pure red, my foot was swelled and burning. Once I arrived to the hospital, I didn't leave for 3 days, and didn't go to another family reunion for 5 years after that.

I have no friends in real life. Only on the internet. I haven't had real friends for possibly...... 3 years? But eh, that doesn't matter, i'll probably get some in a few years. .w.

I'm only in grade nine, don't hate meh please ;v;

Idk, random relationship status shit:


Okay, enjoy my page




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Male · Shiba inu/wolf mix · Pansexual · Scorpio
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