Shines the Skunk is feeling Lonely
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Im Shines, im just a lonely skunk who crafts.

want to be friends hit me up to chat

i make yarn tails and hammocks for small animals


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need some help.. commissions open

im in need of some help.. i need to make $200 a month to live.. so far im at 0. i make yarn tails and stuff for small pets.. if you want something please let me know. im open for anything
06/08/2015 00:28

commissions open

hey everyone, im a yarn tail maker and my hands need to get on making something. i am open for commissions they start at $45 and thats a 15 inch tail with 2 colours. i do not do all patterns as some do not turn out well no matter how hard i try. i am also open for small pet hammocks. i make man...
30/07/2015 21:10


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Species: dog
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Thanks for subing! =D

Shines · 06/08/2015 20:12

anytime!! i love your art!

Zahrah · 06/08/2015 20:16

Awesome! I'm glad! ^.^

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Thank you fur the subscription :33

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