Sickn3ss.X the Snow Leopard is feeling Anxious
Artist Type: Traditional Artist

Hia! I'm Sickn3ss.X! I am a young traditional artist from the homeland of New Hampshire, USA. I'm quite a nice person but I'm super shy and have anxiety, so please go easy on me ♥

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Poem from a little while ago
9 months ago
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Yo Kinda Emergency Commission

My mom refuses to buy a chest binder for me and I don't have a job :/ (can't get a job either). I have two binders in mind, one is about $10, it is a short binder. The second one is about $25, it goes to about the belly button. If anyone would like a commission done, feel free to note me or comme...
10 months ago


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Female · Snow-leopard · Demisexual · Scorpio
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Nicknames Vet, Veta, Vetty
10 months ago


Male · Bat · Demisexual · Scorpio
Role-playing Yes
At times a bad boy, but mostly a femboy ♥ ...
11 months ago


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Species: fox
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Species: saber-toothed-cat
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FuzzWizard posted to Sickn3ss.X

10 months ago

Thanks fo rjoining "The Den"

Seven (707) posted to Sickn3ss.X

11 months ago

heck i LOve your art jeez aaaa