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Yo Kinda Emergency Commission

Published: 11 months ago

My mom refuses to buy a chest binder for me and I don't have a job :/ (can't get a job either). I have two binders in mind, one is about $10, it is a short binder. The second one is about $25, it goes to about the belly button. If anyone would like a commission done, feel free to note me or comment here. I can do a couple for cheap or just a rlly good one for more? Idk. But it takes me a day or two to do a commission ♥

Morisith · 11 months ago · 1 Reply

I'll gladly throw $10 at you for some art in return. what could I get for that? (or make it 12 because some get lost along the way way) 

Sickn3ss.X · 11 months ago

Morisith,, I can do a full body for chu if you'd like? Thank you for helping me out >w<

Tea · 11 months ago · 2 Replies

I'm sorry to swoop in with negitvity, but binder safety is very important to me >. > 

Just a note to please check how breathable the binder is, and wear it sensibly. I know it's horrible waiting for one (especially when the sports bra thing hardly works, been there, done that) but having permanent rib damage from a bad binder is worse. I'm seriously concerned about the quality you will get for $10. 

But! There are a lot of groups on Facebook (I saw this on Facebook not from you too) that help out those with gender dysphoria by giving away binders they may have grown out of. I'm not in any, but if it would help I'd  be happy to link some for you. 

I mean, you probably know this, but just stay safe with it if you do get it, okay? I hear so many horror stories from transmasc people, I'd hate for there to be more. 

Sickn3ss.X · 11 months ago

Tea,, Awe,, thank you so much hun. It's from a similar group for cheap ones. I've had a bunch of people message me about staying safe ♥ 

Tea · 11 months ago

Ahh, I see! That is great then :) Best of luck with it! 

Odysseus · 11 months ago

I'll pay $25Aus

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