In his prime, the Wolfman (Tobias)'s band was doing very well. They were making quite a lot of money, and were recognized by many people. Behind the scenes, things weren't quite as squeaky clean as people imagined. The Wolfman himself was sleeping with Queenie the Fox in secrecy, they agreeing to a friends with benefits relationship long before the band had started. Things were fine until Queenie became impregnated after a short, fun night with Tobias, in which their contraceptive failed to do its job. When she told him about this, he was apalled by the idea of having a kid, but shamefully agreed to helping her raise it. While she was pregnant, a replacement singer named Mini was hired to take her place for the next 9 months whilst Tobias continued to play in the band, checking on the fox almost every day after his shows. 9 months later, a small wolf pup was born, Queenie gleefully naming him Rolfe. However, not long after the child was born, Queenie fell ill to a bacteria that had entered her body during her pregnancy. She died soon after, much to Tobias's dismay. Before this occured, she had mentioned to the wolf that she dreamed of Rolfe having "Everything he could ever want."

Tobias remembered this very well. After Queenie's death, Mini replaced her permanentaly, and he was left to raise this child by himself. He had no knowledge of childcare, and only followed the basics plus what Queenie had wanted. This ended up making Rolfe a very spoiled pup. His father would often come home from a performance with a gift for him, the wolf then leaving to relax in his room or to hang out with the other members in his band. Rolfe didn't understand that his situation was much different than usual, and assumed every child had a house that ran like this. Rolfe ended up being a conceited, snotty kid, and grew up distant from his father and other people. He couldn't remember a time when Tobias said, "I love you", genuinely. Rolfe felt like the loneliest person in the world. Years later,he became a puppeteer, entertaining in shopping lounges and other small gigs until he found the Rock Afire Explosion. Months after joining, his father, in which Rolfe hadn't seen since he was 19, came into contact with him once more. He didn't know how to respond to Tobias's actions, but he didn't resist them, either. Wolfman soon told Rolfe everything that happened in those glory days, and why he had failed miserably to be a supporting father. Tobias felt a huge cloud of guilt after Rolfe had left the house, he learning that his parenting skills had been awful. Pondering on such things made him realize what a gift his child was. His child was all he had left in terms of memories of his glory days and of his dear friend Queenie, and blood in his own line. Rolfe and Wolfman soon became incredibly close, contacting each other and talking almost every day after this. Tobias offered to let Rolfe live in his home seeing as he was living in his van. He soon moved in with his father, and their relationship stayed very close since then.
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This is my headcanon of the Wolfman and Rolfe's relationship.

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