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          Hello Lovelies! I’m Silas, I’m a magical space dragon. Welcome to the mess that is my profile page. I love getting attention so uh...yes please! Also I would totally do commissions if people wanted my art. *Nudge* *Nudge*. Totally feel free to PM me, though it may take a while for my lazy self to reply. Has nothing to do with you I promise.


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Im back

I left for a while. Uploading to multiple sites is taxing and at the time I was not emotionally stable, so I kinda vanished from all but my twitter. I got all my good stuff uploaded here and I'm just now realizing I should have done so in chunks..... oops..I'm a dumb. I guess there is worse thing...
07/07/2019 22:21

If you want more of me.

Just an update.
11/03/2019 16:53


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21/10/2018 02:31


20/10/2018 16:43


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