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Age: 21
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Relationship status: Single
Languages: German, English
Location: Germany

About me:
I am Simplemind and after silently lurking through the fandom for a long time now, I've finally decided to get creative myself and contribute a small part to this awesome community by writing stories. Obviously I'm still rather new to this profession, but I always learn new things and try to improve myself to produce the best quality for you to read that I'm capable of. I'm a little bit shy sometimes, but I'm usually really nice and always try to be friendly. I love receiving comments from readers and I'm always open for critique and suggestions to improve myself. If you have any questions about me or my works then please don't hesitate to ask! It's me a pleasure to answer you.

About my work:
I'm a writer, so I'm going to produce mainly stories of some sort. I plan on doing short stories and longer projects as well.

My very first big project is "Thieves". It's a tale about a small fox living in a world where the much bigger humans keep his kind, and other, smaller races, as slaves. Only in the north, where the so called 'short ones' are accepted as equal people, he can find safety and start a new life, so he uses his chance and escapes his human captors. On his flight however, he unexpectedly meets a new 'friend'. A human.

If you're interested, and want to give the story a try, you can check it out HERE. The full story will be postet here for free, for you to enjoy!

updated on 30-Oct-2015


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Thieves - Formatted PDF file

I created a fully formatted PDF file of my story "Thieves". Since I couldn't upload it here, I'm giving you the link to my FA. There you can download the file, which includes all content of the story as well as all extras, for free! Here's the link: {http...
26/09/2016 20:36
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I'm on Furry Network now!

I just wanted to anounce that, since Furry Network recently pushed out an update to support stories, I'm also active there now. You can find my profile]HERE! I am going to post the chapters, that are already published on my other galleries, on FN over the...
20/11/2015 23:47


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