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Thieves - Formatted PDF file

I created a fully formatted PDF file of my story "Thieves". Since I couldn't upload it here, I'm giving you the link to my FA. There you can download the file, which includes all content of the story as well as all extras, for free! Here's the link: {http...
26/09/2016 20:36
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I'm on Furry Network now!

I just wanted to anounce that, since Furry Network recently pushed out an update to support stories, I'm also active there now. You can find my profile]HERE! I am going to post the chapters, that are already published on my other galleries, on FN over the...
20/11/2015 23:47
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Twitter account and other places to find me

Just wanted to announce that I now have a Twitter Account.
04/10/2015 14:53