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Hey there! My name is Sin, I'm currently a junior in high school, and a self-taught artist. I love drawing in general, making cosplays/fursuits, writing, and playing music... I've got a trumpet, an ocarina, and am slowly learning the piano. :3

I love a lot of animes... D. Gray-man, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, and Black Blood Brothers are a /few/ of my favorites.
As for TV dramas, I love Glee, Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, and Firefly. I love East-Asian dramas, too xD The Hours of My Life, Faith, and Personal Taste are my favorites, followed very closely by Secret Garden.



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Wow owo

So like I feel awful for never being on this site uwu //what kind of staff member am I THIS YEAR HAS BEEN SO BUSY BUT I WILL TRY TO BE MORE ACTIVE ON HERE THANKS
29/07/2014 13:58


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voltaire posted to Sin

05/08/2015 14:38

i love your art style

Adam The Chespin posted to Sin

27/03/2015 01:26

Kangaroo boy!!!!

Uluri posted to Sin

29/01/2014 23:04

Hello there Sin

Zombi_Rat posted to Sin

27/01/2014 09:16

D'aw thank you :3 I have so many more pictures of ones that I've done that I need to upload D:

Zombi_Rat posted to Sin

26/01/2014 10:08

Thanks for the fave my lovely <3

posted to Sin

23/01/2014 16:50

yea same to you, i joined like aaagesss ago omg :'3 no worries man ^.^

posted to Sin

22/01/2014 23:51

eyyy i know you dont i!! from weasyl? :>

Kaycee posted to Sin

19/01/2014 02:38

Yeah, it is. :3 And I'll be keeping an eye out, then. ;) I'd love to see it. <3

Kaycee posted to Sin

19/01/2014 02:27

And you're welcome. :3

Kaycee posted to Sin

19/01/2014 02:26

You sound pretty awesome. :D I like Black Butler(and a ton of other animes) and Firefly, too. <3 And I've seen a couple episodes of Once Upon A Time from when my mom watches it.Also, your red panda Mia is pretty awesome. :3

TheWickedGypsy posted to Sin

17/01/2014 18:07

Thanks for the fav!

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