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It'd been a long time since Andrea had seen Graham smile, and that, she felt, must have been some sort of crime. After all, he did have the prettiest smile of anyone she'd ever met. 

She squeezed his hands tightly in hers, resting her head on his shoulder. "Graham, what are you most afraid of?" she asked softly, closing her eyes. She was almost too scared to hear his answer--how could she comfort him if he said it was Jacob? She'd only just barely been able to save him on that horrible day so many months ago, which left him hanging on by just a tiny thread for weeks. Paranoid, lost, hurt, betrayed... and not a thing she could do but watch, but tell him she was there while Kura hung over her shoulder like a cruel puppet-master.
What if he said it was Kura?

He took a deep breath, tilting his head to the side so his cheek gently lay on top of her head. "That's a hard question. My... my past, it scares me a lot, but..." He put his arms around her, pulling her body close to his. "I think what scares me most is the thought of not getting to see your smile," he admitted quietly. She blushed, pulling herself back just enough that she could see into his eyes. He looked away, embarrassed. "W-what about you?"

She wasn't quite sure. She had never thought much about her own fears; there wasn't enough time in the night for that. "Well..." No, she realized suddenly. The answer was obvious, quite literally staring her right in the eyes. "You," she said simply, with a bright grin. His eyes widened as though she'd just pulled out a knife.
"Wh-what? But, wh-why?" He frowned and his ears bent back.
"Well, there are a lot of reasons. You always look so nervous, like the world will fall apart around you if you step wrong... You don't smile much anymore, you're too quiet... I care about you so much, and when you're not happy, I worry... So, that's why you're the thing I'm most afraid of. Because I don't want you to be hurt, or feel lost anymore."

He looked relieved, sighing and perking his ears back up. "I love you," he whispered, the corners of his mouth turning up into a shy grin. 
"I love you, too." She leaned in close, touching her nose to his. "So... for me, please just keep smiling, all right?" 

Ugh stupid short story is dumb pfff

I love these guys... they're cuties. But I'm a total jerk to them uwu
//Girl is Marianne Andrea Kovek (Benekoff), and the dude is Marion Graham Benekoff. They're from my story Empire of Sin owo

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