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~My Fursona~

Name: Avery 
Species: Sabertooth-Tiger (Long tailed)
Gender: Non binary, transmasculine, androgyne idk lol
Sex: Can be any, but flat chested usually if not always
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5'7
Body type: Average or chubby
Personality: Introvert, non-social, tries to be friendly, stubborn, easily annoyed, pro lgbtq+, anti racist, sexist ect. 
Likes: Autumn, rainy days, tea, naps, rats, skeleton things, chocolate, sweets, cloudy days, cool weather, woodland areas, bowties, Jackspeticeye, Markiplier, Gotham, Jerome Valeska, Tea, Undertale, Steven Universe, ect. 
Dislikes: Being dirty, loud/crowded places, bigots, rudeness, transphobics/homophobics, sexist people, judgmental people.

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