Sketch Basenji the Dog is feeling Bored
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Hello hello hello~!

I'm Sketch!

I'm an artist, fursuiter, cook, and coffee addict.

I do plan on selling artwork and goodies just not yet. I'm still working on the Etsy store.

If you have questions or wanna talk, go for it!

Fair winds furry pals~!



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Damn, I am bad at this.

So uh, if you wanna keep up with my furry adventures my instagram is the best place...
06/11/2017 20:45


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Goop the Bat

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A bat open for hugs and popcicles.
22/06/2016 02:48

Sketch Basenji

Nonbinary · Dog · Asexual · Leo
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A pup ready to have some fun in the sun!
22/06/2016 02:41


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Bran posted to Sketch Basenji

22/06/2016 08:17

Hi there! I love the artwork! Traditional is more my type of thing :P I noticed that you have characters up for roleplay, and I would like to invite you to our roleplaying group! It's not massive, but the people are nice and we try to get roleplays going frequently. Ill leave you a link so you can check it out!

I hope to see you around!

Sketch Basenji · 22/06/2016 16:26

Cool! Ill check it out for sure!