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I was born 150 million years ago and died by something crashing into the earth. Last thing I remember my eyes opened and these strange 2 legged creatures were walking around me. I was getting nervous thinking they would eat me or run me out of their territory. I thrashed in the thing I was in when i felt something on my neck. It was stroking me and it calmed me down and it kinda felt good. When I turned my head it was one of those 2 legged creatures petting me through a clear thing where its claws were. After spending time with these creatures called "humans" all my questions were answered. I was to be a pet for someone named Christina. Each human brought new experiences to me so i wouldn't go into shock or sensation overload. The humans trained me everyday until my new owner came. They couldn't understand me of course but, I understood them and responded by nodding yes or shaking my head no. One of my teachers came to get me and encouraged me with her claws to a door where a human was waiting. This human took a rope around my neck and I started walking out of the place that was my home for months still was a daunting task. All the humans we passed encouraged me and said their good byes. Now i walk into a new world hopefully, my new owner will be as nice as these humans have been.

SkexyMoonshine ยท 21/04/2016 18:01

Skexy was re-born in a lab from a Archeopteryx fossil.  The found the fossil in Germany's countryside by Christina.

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