Skookum Sparkfang the Hyena is feeling Energetic
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Skookum was the result of a scientific experiment by government geneticists. Created by combining human DNA with DNA from a spotted hyena, she was the only offspring to result from the combination to survive. However, most of the right side of her skull hadn't formed properly, and thus her right eye is robotic. Another cybernetic enhancement given to her was her spinal cord, which, in addition to giving her a more human posture, also gives her enhanced physical strength and the ability to channel electricity into her claws and teeth to perform highly effective attacks against foes. However, due to the spinal column and a set of screws in the backs of her shoulders altering her physical posture, she often suffers bouts of sudden and excruciating pain.

She was also created with a genetic abnormality invented by the scientists who created her. This abnormality causes her to transform into a highly dangerous, almost demonic other entity, which she has called "Spookum." The transformation only occurs when she or someone she cares for is in life-threatening danger, and when it happens, she loses all control over her actions and almost always does more harm than good. For this reason, she tends to distance herself from others, spending most of her time in her apartment in LA.

She spent the first seventeen years of her life in the government research facility where she was created, enduring agonizing experiments on a daily basis and suffering terrible living conditions until new laws allowed for her release and the release of countless other human-animal hybrids like her. They have since adjusted to society and society has likewise, for the most part, accepted them into every day life. Hybrids are now a common sight in every city and town.


1.7 Meters · 5 Feet, 6.92 Inches


90.7Kg · 14 Stone, 3.95 Pound

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Genetically-engineered, cybernetically-enhanced spotted hyena with a thing for technology, video games, and EDM.

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