Skookum Sparkfang the Hyena is feeling Energetic
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Hello there! My name is Skookum! And welcome to my profile!

Nothing much to tell about this hyena really – I'm just a yeen who enjoys gaming, food, caffeine, and making YouTube videos. On my channel, I mostly do Let's Plays, although I do sometimes do vlogs as well if the mood strikes me. Basically, whatever I feel like doing is what I do, with both my channel and my life!


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Skookum Sparkfang

Female · Hyena · Pansexual · Capricorn
Role-playing No
Nicknames Skooks
Genetically-engineered, cybernetically-enhanced spotted hyena with a thing for technology, video ...
28/12/2015 04:40


LundiMagique posted to Skookum Sparkfang

29/12/2015 05:15

Welcome to Furrific!

Skookum Sparkfang · 29/12/2015 16:48

Thanks so much! :D