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I'm Sky! X3
I`m a digital artist, currently working as a video editor in a indoor tv station.
My job is to create ads in video format to small (or big) business, mleh :L (boring)

I`m studying at a game development school, which i will learn how to create games! yay! i love penis!
Which is the kind of career i wanna have.

I`m extroverted, so, no big deal to chat with new people, if I be stupid and talk non-sense to you,
it means i like you and i consider you a friend that i care about! 

I`m also christian, God is my Lord and I have Jesus in my heart, no shame in saying that loud! X3

God bless you :3


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Wendy Whirlwind

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Sky is my fursona. He have my personality, tastes, fears, qualities and mistakes. He is very fri...
18/05/2016 16:06


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Jason The Yoshi posted to SkyD

9 months ago

Your art is very cute!