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Heya! I’m Skyline Wolfie(You can call me Sky or wulf for short)!

I’m a new artist trying to improve as much as I possibly can in writing, comics, animation, traditional & digital art. Don’t be afraid to give me some critique, Ima need it in the long run! I've been around the concept of OCs, fan-art and animation since mid 2009ish, but didn't know until 2013ish. I think that the Little Big Planet series is what caused me to get more interested in this fandom, seeing how many furries I’ve meet on there! And yeah, I’ve heard about the rumors in this fandom, but that didn’t stop me from looking at the good sides. You have too look past all the negative stuff to see some good in anything!

Personality: I’m often shy around new people and don’t speak much, but I can give a good conversation depending on the topic. I usually don’t show a lot of emotions due to being bullied throughout middle school, but on occasion, I can be quite expressive.

Art, cars(mostly muscle and JDM), music, gaming, outdoors, disney style, stuff from the 1960’s-2000’s, hybrid characters, deeply developed characters, Little Big Planet, traveling, technology, cartoons & snow!

Ricers, loud noises, smoking in RL(I have asthma), people taking my stuff without asking, LBP copiers & thieves, people that mess with you for no reason or over something stupid, arguing over dumb things and repetitive things.

Ok that’s all I can think of for a decent description. Thanks for visiting and enjoying my artwork!


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Hitting the reset button!

I’m pretty much going to start all over in art again as it when terrible for me. I made so many mistakes to the point where I couldn’t recover from them all. I’m going through all my accounts and clearing out everything, possibly deleting the account entirely. I have a full journal on Deviant Art...
02/01/2019 01:27
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Struggling on this site...

Ok, so over the last year and a half, I’ve been doing art. Apparently I’m getting nowhere with it. I did manage to improve my style more, did a few requests and all but no real success here. I know it’s my uploading schedule, but it’s something else I’m lacking in. Just what is it.
03/12/2018 21:36


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Blaze Nitro

Role-playing No
21/01/2018 03:22

Eric Vector

05/01/2018 18:58


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SR20_Weasel posted to Skyline_Wolfie

22/03/2019 16:49


This account Skyline_Wolfie along with the other accounts across different sites under the same name and sona have now been deactivated/abandoned.

The reason behind this is because I needed a reset as art wasn't going so well. I've now moved to SR20_Weasel and still do art but at a slower rate.

dracosorcerer posted to Skyline_Wolfie

22/09/2018 13:50

Hey try to download bodybirb... why well you can post your image in one site at the same time you already posted your images in other sites

Skyline_Wolfie · 22/09/2018 15:12

I’m on an iPad

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09/08/2018 00:54

Thank you so much for the subscribe and all the faves! ♥

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29/01/2018 15:57

Thank you for subscribing! ♥ 

Madame Sparx · 13/07/2018 03:08

Thank you for the favorite! ♥

Skyline_Wolfie · 03/09/2018 02:42

you’re welcome!