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I've added three new tiers to my patreon!

Firefly gives access to WIP's, full res files, and labeled PSDs of certain pieces.

Ursa Minor, in addition to perks of previous tiers, get one star (art credit) a month, and access to hourly in-stream commissions during applicable twitch streams.

Ursa Major, in addition to perks from previous tiers, get a 10% discount on reference sheets of my own designs, 5% discounts on all normal commissions, access to "off-menu" commission types (things like rebasing, digital con badges, just stuff I don't usually offer), and 1 Star that can be stacked to collect better custom art rewards.

There are more perks than are listed here (like exclusive access to custom designs), so come check 'em out! Joining up today also gives you instant access to my previous posts and downloads and slots are limited!

Click HERE to go to my patreon

And if you like watching streams or wanna grab an in-stream commission slot from me during select streams, click this link right here to go to my twitch channel! I'm online drawing at least a few times a week :) Posted using PostyBirb

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