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This is the real Furry Affinity


This drawing was made under commission by drunk mutt

DrunkMutt: https://twitter.com/Drunk_mutt

ShaySinshine · 10 months ago · 1 Reply

I love it! how do I like it on this app?

SmartWhitefang · 10 months ago

Thank you.

SmartWhitefang · 10 months ago

How?? Tell me

Rana · 10 months ago · 3 Replies

I like this, maybe because I never supported FA's dark and sordid power plays. I have to say this place is almost the same as FA save for several differences to its layout. But it has multiple color themes, almost all the same features of FA and it seems much more tolerant. All its missing is the thousands of people to populate it. Ever since I discovered it I post here and on FA now. Its still a little rough around the edges but I think this place will be the new migration ground. And it should. This even has a feedback button. FA could care less about your feedback. Lets make Furries great again. XD

SmartWhitefang · 10 months ago

Yeah, even i am promiting this site for every banned artist. hey. Who are the adminst here???

Rana · 10 months ago

I dont know but I did see a comment about the admin getting bored here. https://www.furiffic.com/~Furiffic-Announcements.57/posts/314

Tea · 10 months ago

She's not bored, she is too busy to pay enough attention  to the website.

zrcalo · 10 months ago · 1 Reply

:D great to see you here whitefang!

SmartWhitefang · 10 months ago

Hello, nice to see you too here

Arom Komondor · 9 months ago · 1 Reply

Good To See You Here :3

SmartWhitefang · 9 months ago

Thank you. Did you came from FA too?

Rain · 9 months ago · 1 Reply

I too, came here from FA, to avoid being sent off to the gulag.

SmartWhitefang · 9 months ago

FA not deserve keep with it "good" reputation

Ally · 9 months ago · 1 Reply

Damn it, Fender! Stop banning innocent people!

Arom Komondor · 9 months ago


AlphaTweet · 9 months ago · 4 Replies

i was banned as well cuz i pissed off one of there staff members FA is trash. its been 6 years for me, and they still won't do shit. man, why can someone just kill off FA already use here or someplace else and be happy away from FA drama and hell

SmartWhitefang · 9 months ago

FA still alive just because the artist's top rank (popofurs) are using this shitty web site. however them actions are pushing away the next generation of top artist. FA is doomed and i will be there for dance over it grave.

AlphaTweet · 9 months ago

add me to telegram its AlphaTweet would love to talk ^^

Ally · 9 months ago

Well this site doesn't seem to have a forum...

SmartWhitefang · 9 months ago

Have private chats!!

Ally · 9 months ago · 1 Reply

I just noticed the species was marked under "raccoon". I thought Fender was a fox, ferret hybrid?

SmartWhitefang · 9 months ago

Mmm, i am not sure, i always see it as racoon

Ally · 8 months ago · 6 Replies

It's just as I suspected. I got suspended for being bullied and my friend got banned for life because he has the same IP address as me. They claimed it was my alternate account. Funny they do this when I've already deactivated my account to begin with. I think I'm just going to use VPN from now on.

SmartWhitefang · 8 months ago

The FA admins are bullies!

Ally · 8 months ago

It definitely looks that way. Still didn't respond to his email either so he says he's never coming back there...

SmartWhitefang · 8 months ago

They already says "you're not elegible...."

Ally · 8 months ago

Yeah. Wow...

SmartWhitefang · 8 months ago

Like 2 gryphon says: "isn't a furry site anymore..."

Ally · 8 months ago


Lioness Lee · 8 months ago · 1 Reply

I feel as if Fur Affinity's admins are taking this too far. I mean, it's for furries from all countries, right?

Arom Komondor · 8 months ago

And OPinions

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