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Hello my dear furries, i came here to bring you THIS: Fell free to download, edit and upload in any social network for say whatever you want about the furry fandom. This artwork is inspired in the documental This is life made by lisaling on CNN about furries.

I have my own menssage to fill the text balloon, but firs i offers the drawing for everyone who also want give your oppinion about what do you think or feel about this fandom.

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Drako · 3 months ago · 2 Replies

CNN.  Pfff.  Like anyone believes them nowadays anyway.

47492 · 3 months ago

at least what they said about furries wasn't hurtful.

Drako · 3 months ago

That's good to hear, at least.  I didn't bother to watch it.

Ally · 2 months ago · 1 Reply

The media treats furries like complete trash whenever I see any bulletin regarding us. They're pretty much the reason why I get accused of bestiality or pedophilia, all because I like to draw cartoon animals...

47492 · 2 months ago

i agree. the news can pretty much fuck off because they don't understand anything about us.

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