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I'm Kawauso. I'm a Traditional/Digital illustrator that enjoys doing more Fantasy and Science-Fiction type illustrations. I particularly enjoy Anthropomorphic subject matter, since there's so much that can actually be done with it. Right now I'm looking to perfect my style and just get myself really going in the art world, and maybe make a few meaningful friends here and there along the way. I don't upload often since I rarely have the time to be able to do artwork anymore, and I have some confidence issues with my work that are hard to overcome, but I hope that what I do manage to get out will be enjoyable for people.

I'm a single guy, but I've found that I'm happier single than I ever could be in a relationship. I'm Asexual and Aromantic.


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Profile Going Dormant

No long journal here, short and sweet will do it I think. I just became homeless, so this account is going dormant. I don't know if, or when, I'll be able to come back to here or any of the websites I've been trying to maintain. I'm facing a lot of trouble right now, everything is very difficult...
9 months ago


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Rain posted to Kawauso

9 months ago

Thank you kindly for the watch. ^__^

Kawauso · 9 months ago · 1 Reply

No problem! Thanks in return, hope you don't mind the fact that I post abysmally slowly.

Rain · 9 months ago

No worries. I tend to go on long months-long hiatuses from time to time. :P But I've got a lot of stuff to get this new gallery caught up to date.

I lost. posted to Kawauso

9 months ago

The first thing you do is subscribe to me. That's awfully generous lmao

Kawauso · 9 months ago

Are you not aware that's the default option when you register?