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My name is Ilaria. I am (a/an) (Author/Artist/Sculptor/Tulpamaster/Writer).
You may notice I don't comment all that much. This is because I normally take 15 minutes to make sure my comment isn't coming off rude or fucked up. Yeah, Asperger syndrome is a bitch.

Something unusual about me is that I have a collective mind, this does not mean I'm a Schizo'. I'm a tulpamaster, meaning I created a couple other thinking minds inside me own head to take care of the finer points of my observation and occasionally randomly converse wit.

I am the author of A Breeder's story/A Breeder's tale. A creative writing work about the post-apocalyptic pokemon universe.

The pokemon universe is © Nintendo. But the characters, situations, and the story itself is © Andrew Mason Kane 2016.

I Do Roleplay Online
Ask For My Username over networks.

Also, please remember that My Fursona/Scalesona (Ashkore, Summer, Sargash, Ilaria, and Thirteen) and The Elememo Species, My artwork and writing and all characters depicted within are © Ilaria Soutemumb unless specified otherwise on the submission itself. Do not repost, draw, or use for rp without my consent. Thanks.


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