TropicalPunchline the Alien
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Pen/Artist Name: Atlas Cygnus / Rae

Discord and are my main websites and I use PostyBirb to upload most of my submissions nowadays:

please feel free to bug the recluse.


weather of all kinds, cosmos, tea/herbs, crystals/minerals, plants, animals, scientific-realism-in-fantasy-critters, tattoos/design, puns, and illustrating


improper self-care

unhealthy mindsets

if we never talk:

stay hydrated, sleep well when it finds you, and give care :>


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Atlas Rae

Other · Alien · Cancer
Role-playing No
Nicknames Rae, Figuana, Frezzur, SpaceGoat, Spaceman, A-team, Iggy, Zebra, Art, Artie
Child of the universe and happily engaged Dragon Parent. Pen name/Artists Persona.
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