Space Cat the Lynx
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Welcome to Space Cat's page. People call Space Cat Space Cat because he's a cat, , , in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. Space Cat is smallish immortal alien lynx who's short on fucks to give but loves heart felt creativity and music. No he's not a cub. No, I do not RP, suit or con. Space Cat has been drawn many times in male and female forms with different color schemes. Sometimes with my permission and sometimes not. I'm not libel for other people's depictions of my character. It's the internet after all. My art form is music but that's not a real art form now is it *insert snark*. In real life, if that even exists anymore, I am just your average boring eccentric music artist. Though I am not a "furry" I do have a nostalgia for 80s/90s cartoons and tasteful pop culture. If you like my art/want more of it, you can listen, download, support here. It's where I update the most. Much material is already up and hundreds more works are set for upload when I get time. Remember, unlike most visiual art, if you do not buy music, it goes away.


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Space Cat

18/06/2018 03:56


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