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Okay come to FA, IB or SOfurry if u like my shit XD I rarely use this site I'll come back on occasion to upload some stuff but best bet is FA and IB


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paintool sai

for some reason when I use the back side of my pen it goes in slow motion and this screws me up like crazy... I'm pretty sure its SAI and not my tablet or pen doing this cuz I just rest the settings to default and nothing happened if anyone could help me out it would be GR8 IDK why this is happen...
23/05/2016 03:12

Judy Hopps NSFW stream {}
19/01/2016 01:27


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24/08/2016 16:01


24/08/2016 16:01


I lost. posted to Snack

04/06/2018 18:47

I love your gallery! 

Snack · 04/06/2018 18:48 · 1 Reply

thanks O///O I be adding a bit more to it later on X3

I lost. · 04/06/2018 18:50

That's some good news! :3

LundiMagique posted to Snack

03/03/2016 02:13

Cute style!

Snack · 03/03/2016 04:36

aw really?! I'm glad you like it! thanks so much!