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paintool sai

for some reason when I use the back side of my pen it goes in slow motion and this screws me up like crazy... I'm pretty sure its SAI and not my tablet or pen doing this cuz I just rest the settings to default and nothing happened if anyone could help me out it would be GR8 IDK why this is happen...
23/05/2016 03:12

Judy Hopps NSFW stream {}
19/01/2016 01:27

streaming later

gonna go for some judy hopps NSFW shit! will post link in a later journal :D
18/01/2016 19:26

streaming {} NSFW
04/01/2016 02:48

streaming {}
31/12/2015 22:46


apparently the site is not working? it just says its checking my browser.. so I will stream tomorrow if it gets fixed D: sorry peeps
31/12/2015 02:18

streaming tomorrow

idk if its gonna be NSFW yet well see :D I'll post the link and descripting tomorrow!
30/12/2015 03:26

streaming new art style {}
07/12/2015 20:25
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streaming later/or not

I'm going to eat out with some friends for my birthday :D so I'll do it when I get back! I say or not cuz it might be really late when I get back but I will try my best to get a few min in :3
02/12/2015 21:35
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streaming {} tentacles and bun buns :3
19/11/2015 00:36

delaying stream

lol for those who care I gotta do it tomorrow
18/11/2015 00:45

streaming tomorrow

so I might play some puffy amiyumi songs :P and yes they are kinda girly but XD but they make me feel great! the stream will be NSFW btw more tentacles!
17/11/2015 05:24

Animation stream

starting now but gimme a sec to ready up {} BTW its NSFW and involvs tentacles
06/11/2015 16:00

Animation stream

well I will stream this animation of tentacles ****ing a bunny girl tomorrow since I think I got the drawing down and I'm probably gonna use motion tweens cuz if you look at my traditional you will get cancer... hell you may even get cancer from this one XD so I will update tomorrow
06/11/2015 02:24