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Published: 27/05/2017 17:45

So after a few years and a lack of places to upload stuff, here I am. Had an FA before that attracted creeps, had an IB where they didn't like screenshots. but I need a home.

I have two characters mostly. for now I'm focusing on spades, but in the future there'll be some Dani stuff too.

either way you'll see heavy bewbs and curvy shapes and tasty clothes and exotic piercings and big, yummy dicks being stuffed in m.....*coughs*

Anyways, there will even be projects and builds I take on since I spend a lot of time modding,at one point even taking the challenge to make ugly and outdated avs into sexy and beautiful works (Seriously, using a Mutation Industries v2 fox to make a sexy psycho Krystal Fox being one. I need to find that pic, it was amazing)

Bun Fluffpaws ยท 28/05/2017 20:10

Welcome to Furiffic, hope you find yourself at home here 

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