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Times Change

Published: 30/05/2017 00:56

Well, I can see why Yiff Spot went down hill. When there is a crowd it's 95% humans, ugly kemono avs that all look the same, six year old newbies, and over bulked horses that all look the same (and a creeper in the corner). If this is what SL has to offer when it comes to creativity, then creativity is either dead, or on it's deathbed.

Of course maybe I'm wrong, too. I have been here to witness the decline of Public role play at places like the Ark where people did more than idle on dance poles and hope someone would toss money at them, the "veterans all leaving for more private gatherings, and the RP world recovered a bit. Though it crashed some time later and now lies twitching on the floor. So maybe I'm not wrong after all. I hope I am.

I myself bucked at mesh at first. All of the mesh bodies were formed and nonmodifiable in details aside from height and width. Clothing was all in five sizes, mostly, that didn't fit anything unless you tossed your shape out. And even then clothing was shoes, pants and shirts, something that could be done just as well by standard clothing. I thought mesh was going to be useless.

Now I embrace it. Aside from my head, ears, tail and feet everything is mesh. Being able to edit details and sizes makes it great, and with the increase in popular body designs stuff is catered to you instead of the other way around (of course by body still offers challenges given the add on boobies and extra stuff between the thighs). So I was wrong there. 50/50 average so far.

Of course some makers lag in the back. Part of what makes the kemono so ugly to me is the "OMG KAWAII" style that is unchangeable unless you buy a bunch of add ons. Horses are no better. While I like the Blunderforge and Aesthetic mods, the fact that everyone is now a cookie cutter mirror of everyone else is just uninspiring and tiring. Add to that the "I gots a hoars wang!" reasoning being the only reason they went horse it's just bland and stupid. Dragons, I know a couple and like them, mostly are just overpowering assholes that would rather go into a tirade why someone doesn't worship them rather than be decent. They're like the Donald Trump of the anthro world.

Drat, enough ranting from me. I'll earn a bad image....*hits the post button anyways*

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