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Sparki was orphaned at the young age of 9 years. She was lost during her little family's journey through the mountains. They died on the way, but Sparki survived by wrapping herself in their clothing to stay warm; saving herself from frostbite. She was found by a traveling mage, who gave her shelter and treated her as his own daughter. Sparki began to accept the ways of magic as time went on, and eventually decided to learn it herself. She was still in the middle of training, when her Master died of age and left her with all he had, including his home in the forest, formed from several large trees, growing together. she still lives there to this day.

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Sparki is a great hunter, as well as an artist. She travels sometimes to sell the things she makes.


1 Meters · 3 Feet, 3.37 Inches


52Kg · 8 Stone, 2.64 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors


tall and thin

Extra Attributes

Eyes become completely blue when using magic, and also glow. When she isn't using magic, they only have blue irises.

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Open to role-playing

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Should be descriptive, not script. 1-on-1, and no group roleplays, as Admin is not good at them.