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Heyo, friend!
The name's Sparki, but you can call me 'Sparks' if you want; lots of my friends do. Although I am mainly interested in digital art, I may also do some graphite doodles every now and then. I normally use Painttool SAI to draw, but I own Photoshop Elements 10 as well, though I don't use it often. I first learned to do digital artwork using my computer mouse, and I eventually got very used to it, and have used it ever since. All of my work was done with a mouse, unless otherwise specified. I mostly do art, but I also enjoy writing, and also roleplaying. Well, you've probably had enough about me, so I'll talk to ya' later!
Enjoy your stay!
~Sparki ♥


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Sparki Hollybrook

Female · Wolf · Heterosexual · Virgo
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Sparks, Wolfie, Holly
04/01/2016 15:16